> progresso > le progres > progress n.

1. advancement in general
2. development towards an improved or more advanced condition
3. growth or development; continuous improvement



> Safe Communities Project with UNDP, Croatia
> Guerrilla Lighting Sheffield with Studio U, UK 
> Borders in Architecture @ EASA, Turkey 
> RE-COVER(Y) @ London Architecture Biennale, UK 
> Hackney Wick/Integrated Metropolis, UK 
> Learning from MNTP, Montpellier, France 
> Re-cycle Playgrounds with SheffieldNow, UK 
> Church St London @ ExperiencingTheCity, UK 
> L'inclusion with A&D, France 
> SKINN PlastiCities @ CADS, UK 
> RajkaParkVision, Hungary
LRE: The cityscape & public services @ University of Sheffield
> Furnace Park workshops with SKINN, UK
> CULBURB workshop @ Architekturzentrum Wien, Austria


> Engineering for International Development @ Clare Farm, UK
 *training course by Engineers Without Borders (EWB) & RedR Cambridge
*training programme for young prefessionals (Leonardo Da Vinci programme)
> Prince2 @ UNDP,  Croatia 
*project management methodology training course


Urban Forum Acupuncture @ MG+MSUM Ljubljana, Slovenia
> Seminar of Cooperation for Development @ Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona
> CULBURB ConferenceArchitekturzentrum, Vienna
> Terre en tête / Biennale de l’environnement- Paris, France
> ASF International General Assembly @ ASF Espana, Barcelona
> ARC Peace General Assembly- Gdansk, Poland
> World Urban Forum II- Barcelona, Spain
> Shelter Meeting @ UNDP - Geneva, Switzerland
> ASF-UK Founding Meeting- Cambridge, UK