> progresso > le progres > progress n.

1. advancement in general
2. development towards an improved or more advanced condition
3. growth or development; continuous improvement



> SKINN & PRGRS (Katja Porohina, Ivan Rabodzeenko, Goran Vodicka) invited to give presentation at Adaptable City 3: Flexible Spaces


> PRGRS & SKINN (Porohina, Rabodzeenko, Vodicka) have been named among the finalists of the RIBA Preston Forgotten Spaces competition.



> PRGRS & SKINN (Porohina, Rabodzeenko, Vodicka) announced as winners of 'Project Space - Rethinking Urbanity in Budapest' competition by Wonderland platformMore info coming soon.


> Rajka Park project was presented at International Conference: Urban Forum Acupuncture in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


> Rajka Park project featured on the I'm a City Changer website which forms part of a UN HABITAT’s global movement to share and spread individual, corporate and public initiatives that improve our cities.


> Rajka Park project was presented at CULBURB conference in Architekturzentrum Wien.


> Proposal for Rajka Central Park (Bratislava) by PRGRS (G.Vodicka) has been selected for realisation as part of project CULBURB - Cultural Acupuncture Treatment For Suburb. Project Culburb activates the public realm in the suburbs of central European capital cities through acupuncture interventions. Using minimal means these actions set up interaction between inhabitants and have an impact on the community life.