> progresso > le progres > progress n.

1. advancement in general
2. development towards an improved or more advanced condition
3. growth or development; continuous improvement

> Church Street London

Gehls (2004) Public Spaces, Public Life studies assessment methodology of assessing public spaces in proximity to the space in question, as well as the site itself, provided an insight into opportunities for addressing challenges and ways to ensure that immediate improvements benefit local residents in addition to providing ways for drawing people into and through the site. The three phase approach of initially evaluating the quality of the site, a recording of the public life occurring within and around the space, and finally developing recommendations for actual improvements, was taken. This order of priority enabled us to focus on the local context, together with who, what, why and how people use the space which informed the SWOT analysis of the site, informing ways that the design proposals/solution could reinforce and build upon the strengths of the area – ensuring interventions are appropriate to the local community, but which attract non-locals to support the area.